Making hairCUTS that speak to the person you are
 Welcome, I'm Dani Marie.
 I'm an intuitive haircutter and in Chicago, IL.
 I am here to transform your hair in a way that  compliments who you are as a person.  
 Hair is your first communication with the outside  world. Having a haircut that speaks to the person
 you are is a magical experience that everyone  deserves.

 I specialize in haircuts that grow out beautifully.
 My hair idols include 1960s,1970s, and 1980s rock n roll idols  such as Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger,  Keith Richards, Cher, and most of all.... YOU! 

✧ Clean Eco Conscious Beauty Products Only ✧
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CO-Creator and Assistant Creative Director of REM Salon located in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood


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