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refer to this page the day of your appointment for location info 

1.To ensure the best possible result, please come to your appointment with freshly washed hair within the last 48 hours. Hair should be fully dried, detangled and free of any heavy oil, gels, or creams, light product use is allowed. 

2. Please don't arrive with your hair in ponytails, braids, or anything that will alter your hair's natural state. Wearing your hair down will help me see how your hair naturally exists!

3.When coming in for a Bang Trim or Just A Trim, please arrive with your hair freshly washed and styled the day of your appointment, styled however it is intended to be worn daily.

4.Masks are STILL required. If you have tested positive for covid within the last 14 days, please reschedule! 

Through a detailed conversation and extended appointment time we will craft the perfect Haircut for your personal style, texture, and life direction. I will listen for the details in between the lines to ensure you leave with a cut that honors your true identity, life and vision. I specialize in creating haircuts that will grow beautifully over time. Every new client service will begin with a complimentary hair treatment so we can set you on the right path. 



Isn't seeing fun? Come on in and lets reveal those beautiful eyes.

✧Times are tough -  everyone deserves magical haircare which is why I offer sliding scale upon request prior to booking an appointment. Email to inquire✧


Any length for existing clients only! 75 minutes of haircare plus a little bit of extra time for us to plan your hair journey.

Please plan for anywhere from 60-90 minutes.


Existing Clients Only.

Get your bangs and face framing refreshed and a little dusting off the ends, or maybe just a lil bulk removed to keep your haircut fresh. This is a 30 minute service that will get your haircut into shape in between Cuts. No wash or blow dry. Just a dry baby Trim.

*Must be within 4 months of previous Haircut, and limited to 1 trim only per client in between.

a friendly reminder...
  • My time is valuable, and so is yours! To ensure everyones time is respected, a 48 hour cancellation policy is enforced. Cancelling within less than 48 hours before your appointment will result in being charged the full amount of your service. 

  •  TARDINESS - If you arrive 15 or more minutes past your appointments scheduled time the appointment will no longer be held and you will be charged in full, this will be enforced at my discretion. If you are running late for any reason please reach out as soon as possible so I can do my best to accommodate you! 


I also understand that emergencies happen, and things come up! I am empathetic to that. If something comes up, please reach out and we will navigate it together! Stay healthy and safe plz!! I L Y 
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